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Medical Waiver

I understand there are inherent risks to participating in this athletic
program. I hereby accept responsibility for and agree to pay any and all costs of medical treatment resulting from any injury suffered by my child as a result of his/her participation at any Finish Strong Basketball program. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the location of the program, as well as Finish Strong Basketball, and its agents, employees and/or representatives, from any and all liability, damage, or expense arising out of my child’s participation at Finish Strong Basketball programs..
In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission for a qualified Finish Strong Basketball staff
member, an emergency medical technician, a physician or staff member at a hospital, or any other qualified individual to
administer care and provide any medical treatment deemed necessary for my child.
I also understand that it is my responsibility to keep the Finish Strong Basketball staff advised of any change in their medical condition as soon as possible.
I consent to and assume all risks and hazards of and incidental to the participation of the above named boy or girl in the activities of Finish Strong Basketball.

Media Release

By checking the box, I hereby agree and give my permission for Finish Strong Basketball (herein referred to as FSB) and/or partners to record, film, photograph, videotape me or my child's name, image, performance (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Works") and to display, publish or distribute these Works for the purpose of publishing, posting on the FSB website, posting on social media site (including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube).
I hereby waive any right to approve the use of these Works now or in the future, whether the use is known to me or unknown, and I waive any right to any royalties related to the use of these Works.
I understand that the Works may appear in electronic form on the internet or in other publications outside of FSB's control.
I agree I will not hold the FSB responsible for any harm that may arise from such authorized reproduction.