Program Reviews

Here are some strong comments and feedback from our parents and players that have been apart the program and decided to share their thoughts and their experiences with our program and coaches. We enjoy all feedback about what we do at our program . We feel that all feedback is helpful for us to improve and grow our program so everyone can benefit by being apart of Finish Strong Basketball . So we hope you enjoy the reads and it will influence you to join us on the basketball court real soon !

“I just wanted to say thank you for the advice you gave me a while back. I took it to heart. And because of that I am slowly becoming a better person and a better player. I’m getting closer and closer to reaching my goal of being the best point guard in my school. It would not be possible without your wise words Coach Knight . ”

Shiloh (player)

“Dear David,
I just wanted to send a message of thanks to you for coaching my Son Noah in Basketball last Autumn at Sunset Community Centre.  It has been a difficult time for everyone but those providing a public service to medium/large groups, such as yourself, have been particularly challenged I suspect.
Following your coaching of my Son last Fall, I observed that when I play 1 on 1 basketball with him, he has demonstrated a number of skills that he did not show previously.  This has invigorated his love for the game and has given him confidence.  For this my wife and I are very thankful.
When basketball programs you are coaching open up again, I would be very much appreciate it if you could let me know so that we can see we can explore enrolling Noah. Noah goes to school in Vancouver (Francophone Public School) and we live in New West so we would be most interested in programs which may become available in Vancouver, Burnaby and New West respectively.
Happy New Year and Very Best Regards,
Shane Hiebert” ( Parent)

“Like finish strong ain’t just a club I played for, it’s where I left like I belonged. Before I joined finish strong, my other friends and teammates I’ve played with, I never felt like I belonged or connected with them on a deeper level.But every since I joined finish strong I’ve met a community that I felt I could connect with. Inside and outside basketball. All the people I’ve met at finish strong has a special place in my heart. And thanks to you David, you’ve allowed me to be more confident in my skill. At Churchill I’ve always felt like Everyone looked down on me and never gave me a chance. But you gave that chance to me which I will forever be grateful

So thank you coach. You and this program really shaped me into a man that I am today. And I’ll always cherish that”. (Chris Lonzaga Player)

“Thanks for all the practices and the help Thanks for letting me achieve my handling that I can’t do alone. Thanks for everything I hope we can play basketball again in the future” (Angelica player)

“Thank you for teaching me all I know about the game and for making me enjoy it more and more to this day. You have been a real role model in my life and I hope you continue to help others grow not just in the game of basketball but in life too! “ ( Edwin Huezo Player)